Spiritual Approach to Mental Health

Importance of Mental Health
Uma Sharma
Psychology faculty and Counsellor
10 October is celebrated as the World Mental Health Day to create awareness in people towards their mental health. Like physical health, mental and emotional health is also
equally important. It is the main reason that mental health is suffering due to today’s busy and unhealthy lifestyle. Anyone can suffer from any mental ailments, but to diagnose and take treatment without any hesitation or delay is one of a positive approach. The causes of psychological problems can be a stressful working condition at the workplace, lack of planning or knowledge when priorities are not organized, lack of understanding in relationships, etc. When all these conditions continue for long or grudges and conflicts are left unattended then one can come under the influence of psychological problems, which may result in burnout or attrition or maybe any mental disorder. All these conditions are equally applicable to all kinds of age group people, whether s/he is a young kid or a student or teenager or adult or old aged people.
Recent surveys conducted gave a wake up regarding our Mental
Health. Being a developing country, India is unable to allocate an adequate budget for the mental health of the people. In a recent survey, it was found that India has a very high number of cases of
people suffering from mental or emotional ailments.
The Meditational approach to overcome the mental or emotional problems is highly recommended. Though there are cultural diversities along with different religions in India, they all affirm the common fact of positivity for a
physically, mentally and emotionally healthier life. Pleasure centered life-style and
negativity is a major cause, which is giving birth to all types of disorders/diseases.
If an individual is overwhelmed with negativity and pain then s/he should examine the possibility of taking the help of the spiritual path. Then the spiritual path pursued by them can make them realize that their
illness is just an outcome of their ill thoughts in their mind. The spiritual path rectifiestheir thought patterns, helps to know their cognitive distortions and emotionalimbalances and then how to keep control and overcome them. When these
negative thinking and problems come under control, then only positivity develops in the
mind and self-healing starts. Only then, individuals start finding the ray of hope in the meditational approach.Everyone must include the meditational approach to keep their life mentally,
physically and emotionally healthy. Spiritual Path teaches and inspires a cheerful attitude andhelps in overcoming the emotional turmoil of their life.
Generally, most of the people when they suffer from some mental or medical problems, only then do they start embracing Meditation, yoga or take the assistance of some therapy. But if a normal person implements yoga in his daily routine, then, of course, the person will always be away from all such ailments. S/He will always be able to survive in all types of circumstances as their stress coping efficiency increases and hence can lead to a healthier life.

Emotional Disturbances in youngsters due to social media

I got to know about an important fact after meeting a girl, which is a very common phenomenon nowadays.The fact is about side effects of social media which is mainly affecting the young generation especially emotionally. This is a story of a girl who was from a modest family , and was quite good in studies.Her father was very optimistic about her future and was very proud of her. After clearing her High School she got a smart phone from her father as a reward. She also became active on Facebook and came in contact with a person from Allahabad. She developed very good bonding with him and started dreaming to settle down with him. The person also did not deny from it. she shared with her father the relationship and forced him to get agree for this relationship. At last father agreed but that person did not responded. This was very disturbing and humiliating for the girl. It affected her so much emotionally that she lost her appetite, sleep and interest in everything . Anyhow parents approached me for her counselling then I started calling the girl on Sundays for at least two hours. I started counseling and motivating her for career progression. She was missing that person but I did not show any opposition for her feelings after three meetings she gave positive results and in next meeting she cooked and brought a dish. Then after that she appeared for 11th, then 12th and finally graduation. Gradually, she could overcome from this emotional disturbance. Then she got a proposal for her marriage while doing her graduation. After that she got married in Mumbai. At present she has completed her graduation in education and looking forward in life with a positive attitude.

Lesson learnt

Social media can affect your belief system as a result of which it affects your emotions and identity leading to indecisiveness which creates emotional disturbances preventing active learning. This prevention in active learning stops you from further learning in life and makes you pessimistic in life.

Orientation programme for parents

In my school , in this session(2019-20) l was appointed with a new committee i.e of orientation program committee for parents. The committee was named as HPD committee.HPD is an abbreviation which is used in education field and it stands for Holistic Personality Development of child.

We as parents and teachers /school and curriculum have only one common motive i.e Holistic Personality Development of the child.Through this program , we have to make efforts to bring the parents , teachers/school and curriculum in close and strong bonding which will be helpful and supportive for the Holistic Personality Development of children.

It is schools ‘ and teachers’ responsibility to share what they provide to the child in school premises .Along with this they also need to create awareness in parents for understanding their child better and deal him/her appropriately .Similarly, parents also needs to develop faith in school /teachers. They need to coordinate and cooperate with teachers.

In this program, we will explain them about the infrastructures of the school, and the other facilities which are provided by the school like first aid , sports facility , etc..Along with that school provides a better platform for learning and performing different club activities .Our school has also started providing extra classes for planning and shaping their careers in defence forces. We will encourage parents to become optimistic for their child and help him/her to understand his/her mental , physical and emotional health . Their motivation for their child will be helpful and supportive for the whole life.

“Creating a high in the class is teachers’ magic “

Creating a High in the Class
A dull gloomy class is the last thing which one wants in order to initiate purposeful learning. However, colloquially saying, creating a High in the class is a difficult task. Still certain time tested and practical steps and actions can certainly create a High in the classroom and enhance the learning experience.
The need to draw the attention of peer teachers and students to make classroom lively will make the learning process fruitful and productive. To foster the learning, imagination ,creativity, it is very essential for the teacher to arouse the curiosity of the students and make them capable to raise questions and enquire about the topic of the day. In teaching, the most helpful and effective teaching tool is questions. Accurate questions can bring the child to reach the teaching critical point easily. So, the teacher should answer the questions and to assist the child in formulating the questions .This skill moves the teaching-learning process forward and also carry out in depth analysis of the content. To improve the learning level of the learners of each type, every slow learner can be paired with the gifted child to perform in the class .Even if children with developmental delays are paired with the gifted ones; phenomenal academic growth will be noticed in children. So, in this way a collaborative, cooperative and positive environment will be developed from which children will get inspired to perform better. Some educationists also found that the maximum learning takes place while teaching junior or youngsters. In my opinion, this can be practiced at school level for teaching junior school. This can also raise the learning level of the children remarkably.
In the teaching-learning process going on in the school, parents are also need to be included. Teachers and schools need to enable and empower the families and encourage them to participate in the process so that they can understand their child better. Nowadays, education world believes that every child is a unique profile. One size does not fits all and if a process is followed, all children can learn. The teacher and parents both should take care of the academic , physical, social and emotional development of the child. In present scenario, where the children have easy access to the society, they should be made emotionally and psychologically strong. That is why, teacher and parents can provide personal touch through some activity which can make child feel closer to them, so that he may share his feelings, experiences or emotions he/she is experiencing from others.
Once in a while, Parents can be invited to attend their child’s class .This will make them aware about the challenges, responsibilities, concerns and interests of each child in a large group of children is taken care by the teachers. This will also guide the parents in helping and guiding their children in growing academically and create better understanding towards the teacher ,principal and school which can generate respect for the teachers and schools in their heart. Better relationship between parents, children, teachers and principal can develop quality education in the society which is the avowed aim of the education process.

Factors responsible for Jeuvenile Delinquency

Nowadays we all must be aware about the delinquency related news , newspaper, t. v , radio etc., especially that children are getting violent or found involved in illegal activities. Sometimes these children even do some heinous crimes for no reason. We need to analyze this that how these children are indulging in delinquent behavior .We need to look into this matter and analyze on it so that they can be stopped from getting delinquent.
Educationist and child psychologist believe that any characteristics in the behavior and the type of personality of the child depend on the people and environment surrounding him like parents, teachers, school, neighborhood, relatives, etc. And also these factors can be helpful to make the required changes in the child’s personality or behavior.
To stop this, we have to identify the signs of the delinquent behavior and how can we stop the child from getting delinquent. The childhood should never be overlooked .There can be so many factors responsible for the delinquent behavior ,but still parents play a very major role .Parents are responsible to develop good character ,responsible citizen and an idealistic personality in the child’s childhood only. Parents even need to behave and talk with each other in a very positive way. Parents should avoid quarreling or violent activities infront of the child. If the child is younger to his siblings or to any cousin then also there is a likelihood of your child to getting involve into any kind of delinquency .Elder siblings may support your child or they may involve the child his non-social activities.
Next important factor is teachers and schools .A child spent a very important part of his life into the school .If the class is not interesting and teacher is not developing good understanding with the child ,then the child starts getting distracted from the class. Even when the school environment is not interesting, the child loses interest even in going to school .This results into truancy or in-school truancy. Truancy is also a type of delinquency, which can also be a beginning for bigger crimes. To stop truancy, school and teachers have to coordinate with parents and child. They have to be firm and understanding, so that child will be able to share his/her feelings and experiences. They should also try to make the curriculum interesting without creating any pressure on the child.
One more important thing also cannot be overlooked that can affect child’s personality or behavior that is your child’s friendship networks or peer group. As we know that friends/ peers are the major socializing agent in a child’s life especially in adolescence. Even peer groups should be of same age group in a child’s childhood as the initial thought process is molded in this period which affects child’s personality and behavior.
In simple words, delinquency in a child can be avoided if we get aware about our parenting responsibility as parents and teachers’ behavior and duties towards the students.

The Hitch in sitting on the couch

Generally in the present scenario, people feel shy and hesitate to consult to a counsellor. In our Indian society normally people have disbelief about counseling or a counselor. Counselling is related to psychology not with psychotherapies. Counselling is always for normal people. It  is a common thing that people do different things to maintain their physical health. They go for regular medical checkups also to keep an eye on their health, exercise daily, follow diet charts prescribed by dieticians etc. Similarly, we should be aware of our mental health and emotional health also. When we ignore this, then it does not affects only our physical health but also mental health. This ignorance of mental health disturbs the family  life, work at work place ,relationships with near and dear ones, and of course your physical health also. When these things continue for longer duration it may cause serious mental and physical ailments also.

But in our Indian society, people take going to a counsellor  like going to a psychiatrist. Though there is a very big difference in both. For a better healthy life, both mental and physical care is to be taken  care of and approaching a counsellor is one such step.

Why Counsel?

The challenges and experiences of counseling will be shared here for better assimilation and the ability to suggest innovative ideas in counseling. My mission of this journey is to create awareness in the Indian society about the concept of counseling and encourage the people for counseling who are affected in maintaining good mental health. I want to highlight the role of counselors to deal with different people. It is generally experienced in everyone’s lifespan that many ups and downs are there, which affects the healthy way of life, which further generates hormonal imbalance also. Thus, leading to unhealthy life .The counseling will nab from such ill effects in the early stage. The people will enjoy mental as well as Physical health. Nowadays, people have very challenging environment .They struggle to meet all their basic requirements. But nowadays the life is so demanding that people are not satisfied in completing their basic requirements only . They want promotions, luxurious life with all amenities, along with a well maintained social status. To meet all these requirements for their life, people somewhere ignore themselves, which brings boredom in their personal relationships, lose interest in their life and also leads to stress and depression at workplace this mental stress lay adverse effects on their daily routine and effects physical and mental health also and can create severe health problems. These problems are not with adults only, but children, adolescence, senior citizens, working women ,non working women etc are also troubled. Besides this, there may be other reasons for this stress depression or any such problems. It may be due to disturbed daily routine , lack of planning at workplace sexual
harassment, due to long illness , any trauma etc. Generally, normal people could not analyse how to deal with that stress creating problems or persons and they remain sufferer for an uncertain period . This suffering does not end here only but it continues to mental and physical ailments. And in this situation, people seek there treatment in medicines. But when the sufferer himself analyse his behaviour and thoughts in the primary stage only and seek a counselor then the person himself can deal with the ups and downs of his life by the support a counselor .
Counselor help him to understand himself physically socially mentally emotionally counsellor understands his client and make the client be able to deal with his problems . Then client also becomes sanguine towards his life and is able to lead his personal professional and social life in a better way which should be the terminal aim of all our endeavours.